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NEW Hours
Beginning October 10th until after the new year- I will be open by appointment only.

Please pass this on to those that are not on the loops, facebook etc.

There has been very  little business over the last two weeks so as usual, I am switching to appointments and “events” starting October 10th.

The shop is NOT closing– this rumor gets started every year. I know that everyone is busy over the holidays and I can do clean up, paint the doors ,sort through the full shelves and take a vacation to see family -all things that I cannot do over the summer.

I will not be keeping regular hours for the shop

Openings will be posted as “events” on Kurriculum Korner’s Facebook page.  If you have not “liked” Kurriculum Korner, please do so.  Because of all the algorithms, if would be wise to check in on the Facebook page frequently so you do not miss opportunities.  

If you want to come shopping, call , email or send a private message and we will pick a mutually convenient time and schedule an event.  When we have an event scheduled you are welcome to join us.

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

By Appointment and Event only from 10/10/18 until January 2019

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

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Answering the homeschool critics

IMG_2946How do you respond to friends, relatives, neighbors when they question you about your homeschool?

How do you answer the homeschool critics in your life?

Critics will question your choice to homeschool. After all, we have one of the best schools in town right here. They will question your ability to teach your child. “Do you have a teaching degree or are you smart enough?” They will question your child being out with you in the middle of the day. Homeschool children do not go to school for 6 hours so if you need groceries, they go with you. They will question your choice of curriculum. “Why are you not using …. it’s the best?” They will question all the little details of your day. They question your choices because your choices cause them to question their own choices and more importantly their own answers. Sometimes it is as simple as “friendly conversation”, sometimes it is way more than that.
So how are you going to answer the “nosey” cashier? How are you going to answer your neighbors bragging about winning the school science fair? How will your child answer “what grade are you in?”
Everyone will have a different answer. Talk with your family and come up with some answers so that you are prepared for that day- it will happen one of these days.

You are the Principal

You are the Principal and Lead Teacher, your husband is the Superintendent of Schools. You decide what time of the day you homeschool, what materials you will use, whether you have a designated school space. You even decide if you are going to do every single redundant grammar sentence or just some because you know the child knows the answers and does not need to beat it into the ground. It is something to think about ahead of time. Someone at some point, is going to question you about little or big things.  Be prepared.




Here are a few books to encourage you in your  homeschool journey

1. Things We Wish We’d Known 

2. But What About Socialization? Answering the Perpetual Home Schooling Question

3. the Homeschooling Father 

affiliate links are enclosed and help keep the lights on

CLOSED JULY 4th, 2012

Since the actual celebrated holiday lands on a Wednesday this year- I plan to be closed that day. Please pass this on to friends not on the loop or computer so no one makes a visit and I am not here—I will be celebrating and having a BBQ that day and you should too!

Memoria Press coming soon!

Happy Easter! I am sitting outside enjoying this beautiful day filling out a form to be able to carry Memoria Press items in the shop. I love their products and have used some of them in my own home school. If there are specific things you would like me to carry, please let me know. It is hard to pick and choose! I also can purchase from Answers in Genesis, Easy Grammar and Learning Language Arts (Common Sense Press). A few of the companies have minimum amounts to purchase, that makes it a little more difficult but the bigger the order, the more discount is available.
Have you seen the study guides that go with literature from Memoria Press? There is a great one that goes with D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths- a difficult subject. The study guide was helpful in keeping all the “characters” straight.
Let me know if you want me to order specific titles. See you soon- shop hours 1-5 on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

Prayer Request and News about re-opening the shop

Hello everyone!

First – Prayer request: I am having gallbladder surgery Monday the 30th. I had an “attack” a few days before New Yrs. I have since had a work up and a very strong recommendation to have it removed (not just 1-2 stones a “gravel pit”). So.. I am asking for prayer for my health, kids away at school that cannot be here piece of mind and comfort, physicians ability, etc. After my auto accident a few yrs ago, I really don’t want to spend ANY time at the hospital but also want to head off further problems..

Second- It is time to think about re- opening the shop. I have been very busy selling online since I closed in Nov. Last year was the shop’s biggest yr yet!!  Some of you have had some rather large checks over the last year and I appreciate your sharing your books with me and hope to continue our success in finding them new homes.

Regular Hours will resume Wednesday February 15th 1-5pm.

Third- Please visit my website- there is a map there, connection to my online list of things for sale, connections to recommendations for curriculum from me, connections to favorite blogs, advertisements for sales I come across etc..

Here are a few of the new things I have received since Christmas:

Mystery of History 1& 2;
Shurley English 1-4;
Teaching Textbooks 4- also have a copy or 2 of Algebra 1 but it has been revised;
Easy Grammar;
tons of Literature;
Apologia Chemistry 2nd ed- used at CEC – please do not wait til July- they will be gone and you will have to purchase new;
Apologia Land Animals- brand New;
MFW Exploration to 1850 – almost a complete set- all but the student pages and the Bible study book;
Studying God’s Word- Christian Liberty Press- several levels;
Fallacy Detective;
Veritas Press guide books;
a few Progeny Press guides, along with some Veritas and TLP;
Muzzy- French, German and Spanish all vhs;
BJU Phonics 1;

Math U See Alpha full set, Beta teacher set;
Comstock’s Handbook for Nature Study;

FIAR story discs;

Charlotte Mason Companion and A Charlotte Mason Education;
Pocketful of Pinecones;
some Singapore Math;
full sets of Saxon 1,2,3 including brand new workbooks;
Saxon Physics and Calculus;
Moody Science VHS’s;
Winston Grammar;
some DIVE cd’s;
How to be a Superstar Student- vhs- Teaching company. Have a few other selections of theirs also- Art, Calculus;
Family Math;
full but older sets of Abeka- Language, New World History, some workbooks- math, penmanship;
Bonnie Erickson’s English class at CEC textbook- Prentice Hall World masterpieces- don’t wait until July!;
Anatomy and Physiology coloring books used in Apologia;
Rod and Staff English pieces-3,5,6;
Movies as Literature;
BJU English teacher eds and Math teacher eds;

as you can see, way more than I can list- regular hours resume on the 15th of February to make sure that I have recovered..
Call me if you need something before that, I will be here!  It may take me a few days to respond- depending on recovery time.  Thank you for all your support and prayers!