Annual post about DO’S and DO NOT’S for the book sale

Annual post about DO’S and DO NOT’s  for the book sale

over the years- 16 in business, more than that attending fairs, I have learned a little about book sales 🙂
This is not criticism, just helpful hints

1. if you want it to sell, price it well – Abeka, BJU etc are very prevalent in the resale market. 1/2 retail is about what you will get.
people always ask me what I would sell it for, if you price it too high, you will take it home with you.

2. if you are buying- know your prices and editions or take catalogs with you . If you buy a previous edition and cannot get the consumables (and want them), its pretty useless..

3. DO NOT use permanent stickers on the covers of your books- they never come off and if they do they take half the cover with them. I have to remove them or cover them up if you bring your books here. Packages of stickers  all say either permanent or removable on the front. File folder labels are not removable

4. If I come to the sale and offer you less than you are asking it is because I am going to re sell it in the shop. I cannot pay you more than I can sell it for. Then it is up to you to accept it. It’s okay to say no. This has caused contention in the past and I wish to avoid that in the future.  I am not insulting you or your book, I just know what that particular book will sell for in the shop- sorry, but I would prefer not to take a loss.

5. if you sell things online- please make sure you know how much it will cost you to ship it before you price it. You do not want to sell something for $5 then pay $4 to ship it meaning you made a dollar. If you need to purchase an envelope, it is more and your time to the post office is valuable.

6. take lots of change and $1 bills to the sale. you cannot expect someone selling to give change for a dollar book from a $20 or $50- it will wipe them out and may cause them to lose another sale if they have no change left

7. if someone wants something you already sold, please forward them to the Kurriculum Korner- I have a lot of the things that have been showing up on the loops in stock. They all belong to other local home school families .

I do not want all the rejects- I want the good stuff too. If you would not come here to buy it, why would someone else? If you sell all the teaching textbooks, apologia and rod and staff english, etc you did great. Do not bring me all the 1/2 missing workbooks, the older edition teacher manuals and all the books that your teacher friend or relative took from her stash and gave you because she thought you needed them to be able to successfully teach your child. (we all have one of those -LOL)

I will be OPEN that afternoon if you want to shop here too..I will NOT be accepting consignment items that day- please read the policies and use the scheduling app to make an appointment.

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Wed & Thurs 1-5pm
6400 Clore Lane, Crestwood, KY 40014

Mark Your Calendar !


NEW Hours
Beginning October 10th until after the new year- I will be open by appointment only.

Please pass this on to those that are not on the loops, facebook etc.

There has been very  little business over the last two weeks so as usual, I am switching to appointments and “events” starting October 10th.

The shop is NOT closing– this rumor gets started every year. I know that everyone is busy over the holidays and I can do clean up, paint the doors ,sort through the full shelves and take a vacation to see family -all things that I cannot do over the summer.

I will not be keeping regular hours for the shop

Openings will be posted as “events” on Kurriculum Korner’s Facebook page.  If you have not “liked” Kurriculum Korner, please do so.  Because of all the algorithms, if would be wise to check in on the Facebook page frequently so you do not miss opportunities.  

If you want to come shopping, call , email or send a private message and we will pick a mutually convenient time and schedule an event.  When we have an event scheduled you are welcome to join us.

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

By Appointment and Event only from 10/10/18 until January 2019

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

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