Starting November 14th until after the first of the year I will be open by appointment only.
Please pass this on to those that are not on the loops, facebook etc.
I have done VERY little business over the last two weeks so I would like to go to appts for now. I am NOT closing– this rumor gets started every year. I know that everyone is busy over the holidays and I can do clean up, finish painting windows and trim, sort through the full shelves etc. without keeping regular hours for the shop.
I will keep messaging when appts come up so that if you want to tag along you are welcome. I am not planning on being gone for extended periods of time so call, message or email if you need something and we can work out a time.

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Regular hours Wed & Thurs 1-5 By Appointment only from 11-14 until January 2014