News from the Kurriculum Korner

Have a few new things to tell you about:
Roots and Fruits complete vocabulary curriculum covering K-12!
All about Spelling teacher eds for 1 & 2
REAL Science Odyssey- Earth and Space- level 1, gr 1-4, read/explore/absorb/learn….FUN!
Beautiful Feet guides: Teaching Character Thru Literature, Ancient, Horse, Geography, Early American (middle school level) and Early American and World (High school and jr high)
Genevieve Foster- A Lincoln’s World, World of John Smith, Geo Washington’s World
Christian Charm Course
Christian Kids Explore Biology
BJU Science 5
Memoria Press K, Classic Phonics, Phonics Mastery,
Math It
Apologia Land Animals, Botany
Pathway Readers
Systematic Math
and a lot more- come see me, save money, support local small business- there are very few places that you can walk in, look it over and purchase used curriculum….take advantage of it!
See you soon,

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News about new items in the shop!

I have been very busy in the shop with lots of things being consigned and lots of things going out both locally and across the country…
Here are a few of the newest- I cannot make a complete list- it would be way too long:
1.Notgrass Economics- full set;
2. Notgrass Exploring America- full set;
3. Lightning Literature- British for high school- guide and all the readers!
4. American Govt for CEC;
5. Ecce Romani I and III for CEC;
6. BJU Math including student materials for 4th and 6th;
7. BJU Heritage Studies and Science for 6th including some student materials;
8. BJU Handwriting and Spelling for 4 including student materials;
9. Apologia Chemistry, 2nd ed, Physics 2nd ed and Marine Bio- all CEC needed books;
10. Voyages in English by Lepanto Press;
11. Movies as Literature set;
12. Prentice Hall Literature for CEC;
13. Atelier Art 4,5;
14. Studying God’s Word A and F;
15. Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus Science;
16. Cindy Wiggers- Geography thru Art, Trail Guides to US and World Geography, Eat your Way across the US, Ultimate Timeline and Geography Book, Uncle Josh’s outline cd-rom, Student notebook to World Geog cd-rom;
17. US History thru Art- Visual Manna
18. Young Peacemaker;
19. Streams of Civilization I and 2;
20. Tons of great literature, Biographies for summer reading;
21. lots of workbooks for math and grammar to keep up skills or to help catch up;
22. Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish
23. Family Guide to Biblical Holidays
24. Memoria Press Famous Men of Greece, Middle Ages and a guide to The Iliad and Odyssey
Come see me, I have the air on, baby kittens (free) and lots more that I cannot list…

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

Memoria Press

Although I started last post, I just finished filling out a form to be able to carry Memoria Press items in the shop! How exciting! Memoria Press is a locally based company but has far reaching materials. They are classical in their approach to curriculum- Classical Latin, King James Bible, Classical Rhetoric, Classical History using Dorothy Mills Book of the Ancient World, The Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans along with the Trojan War, Famous Men books and many others. You can use their curriculum as a complete set for a particular grade level or use a particular subject as an adjunct to another curriculum. If you eclectic like me, using a variety of different approaches works well for the learning styles in our house.
Let me know if you are interested in any of their products specifically and I can be sure to include them in an order.

Memoria Press coming soon!

Happy Easter! I am sitting outside enjoying this beautiful day filling out a form to be able to carry Memoria Press items in the shop. I love their products and have used some of them in my own home school. If there are specific things you would like me to carry, please let me know. It is hard to pick and choose! I also can purchase from Answers in Genesis, Easy Grammar and Learning Language Arts (Common Sense Press). A few of the companies have minimum amounts to purchase, that makes it a little more difficult but the bigger the order, the more discount is available.
Have you seen the study guides that go with literature from Memoria Press? There is a great one that goes with D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths- a difficult subject. The study guide was helpful in keeping all the “characters” straight.
Let me know if you want me to order specific titles. See you soon- shop hours 1-5 on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.