The Build Your Bundle Sale is Here!

The 3rd annual Build Your Bundle Sale is AMAZING!! — choose from one of 15 bundles pre selected for special interests such as a Charlotte Mason Bundle, a Brother and Sister Bundle, a Copywork Bundle, an Early Elementary Bundle or the Homeschool Helps Bundle for examples…The other option is to build your own bundle- how fun is that! Check it out- it is worth the look!
Just look at some of the great free stuff that comes with a purchase–Map Trek, Homeschooling with Dyslexia, A Child’s Geography, Math Mammoth, Handwriting practice and Prompts etc… Click through the picture below- it takes you to the sale–It is one week only MAY 16-23, DON’T MISS IT!

News from the Kurriculum Korner

Have a few new things to tell you about:
Roots and Fruits complete vocabulary curriculum covering K-12!
All about Spelling teacher eds for 1 & 2
REAL Science Odyssey- Earth and Space- level 1, gr 1-4, read/explore/absorb/learn….FUN!
Beautiful Feet guides: Teaching Character Thru Literature, Ancient, Horse, Geography, Early American (middle school level) and Early American and World (High school and jr high)
Genevieve Foster- A Lincoln’s World, World of John Smith, Geo Washington’s World
Christian Charm Course
Christian Kids Explore Biology
BJU Science 5
Memoria Press K, Classic Phonics, Phonics Mastery,
Math It
Apologia Land Animals, Botany
Pathway Readers
Systematic Math
and a lot more- come see me, save money, support local small business- there are very few places that you can walk in, look it over and purchase used curriculum….take advantage of it!
See you soon,

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Regular hours Wed & Thurs 1-5
6400 Clore Lane, Crestwood, KY 40014

In honor of Constitution Day- HISTORY is 20% off this week

Don’t Forget- In Honor of Constitution Day (the 17th)- all HISTORY is 20% off this week…

Here are some new things:
Saxon Algebra 2;
Smarr Literature for High School with all the readers;
Apologia Biology 2nd ed/Gen Science2nd ed/Physical Science 2nd ed;
Spelling Power and Activity Task cards;
Fun with Nature- take along guides for nature studies;
Rod and Staff Math and English;
Pathway Readers;
Phonics Pathways;
Learning at Home Ann Ward;
A whole shelf of Critical Thinking, a whole shelf of Anatomy, a whole shelf of Shurley English;
Teaching Textbooks Algebra and Pre Calculus;
A History of Art;
Oak Meadow syllabus for grade 2;
about 25 Joy Berry Character Development books- teasing, sharing, etc;
a big pile of Highlight’s “Which Way USA?” a series of books each one about a particular state- travel info, puzzles, what they are famous for, most have a state map with them- 50 cents each or deals for quantities;
Sister Wendy Painting;
Drawing with Children;
piano books;
Of Places- ABeka;
Science Bingo;
My Fathers World Countries and Cultures- 1st and 2nd ed and a lot of the books that go with it.
There are bout 150 books on the 50 cent rack—
Pre made slides and a microscope for high school biology;

and tons more– we have expanded into another room—if you have not been out a history sale is a great reason to visit- the shelves are full!

See you soon- map on the website for directions,

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Wed and Thurs 1-5pm
6400 Clore Lane, Crestwood, KY 40014
cash, checks and paypal

News from the Kurriculum Korner

Still have been very busy for late summer, early fall! I have been mailing things all over the country.  It is fun to see where things are going and what is popular in different parts of the country.
Here are a few of the new items in the shop: Modern Curriculum Press phonics cards; Brainbox; Language Smarts C; The Un Halloween Book; Month by Month Phonics for 3rd grade; Math U see Primer and others; a whole shelf of Usborne Science books; Sister Wendy- art history; Oak Meadow 2nd gr Syllabus; Which Way USA- fun state booklets from highlights, most with state maps that highlight tourist, historical sites; Sonlight readers for several levels– 3-4 boxes of them!; judy clocks; teacher plan books; Several Jean Fritz history books (one of my must have’s); You can Change the World; Window on the World; Considering God’s Creation with a student book; God’s Way of Handling Money for kids; the Brown Prentice Hall book for Mrs Goodlett’s Class at CEC; Ecce Romani for Mrs Essa’s class at CEC; Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes World Masterpieces for Mrs Erickson’s class at CEC; Drawing with Children; Of People and Of Places and much much more!!
There is a grey shelf that gets moved out front that has about 150 books on it that are 50 cents each!
Come see what you can save money on- do not purchase teacher eds until you check here first.
See you soon, open on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s 1-5pm.

News from the Kurriculum Korner~

Tons of things arriving- can’t keep up! I still love being the first person to go thru the box!
Here are a few of the NEW things:
Story of the USA- all 4 and a few extras;
Sonlight Mark able Map;
Apologia Physical Science, General Science, Human Body and Marine Biology;
It Couldn’t Just Happen;
Seven C’s from Answers in Genesis, Astronomy Book and The New Answers book by Ham;
MUS Block sets x 2, along with Fraction Overlays and Decimal Inserts;
BJU Math – Precal, Algebra 2, Consumer Math, Pre Algebra;
Rod and Staff Math – 1,4,5,6,7,8;
Rod and Staff English- 2,4,6,7;
Lyrical Life Science sets;
Saxon Geometry;
Latin in the Christian Trivium Set;
Latin for Children Primer A set;
Lots of Knights/Castles/Egypt/American history;
Lots of Usborne Science books along with J Van Cleave experiment, A+ projects and “for every kid” books;
Enasco High School Biology Microscope- email me for details;
tons of Literature including Shakespeare, Progeny Press guides and Memoria Press guides;
First Form Latin, Ecce Romani texts for Mrs Essa’s Class at CEC;
World Masterpieces for Mrs Erickson’s class at CEC;
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia;
Writing Strands;
MUS Teacher kits, full sets for Pre Alg and Algebra (comb bound edition);
Light and the Glory Series for adults;
Homeschooling High School by Dennis;
First Language Lessons level 3 and 4;
a full shelf of 50 cent books—
everything here from 2009 and 2010 is 50% off;

Come see me- I didn’t even mention Abeka, Singapore, Sequential Spelling, and all the miscellaneous books that help you over humps in Math and English, the ones that give your kids writing prompts, help with capitalization or the coloring books that make learning about the civil war/greeks/Presidents fun!

I have expanded into another room- lots more space to move around and actually see what is on the shelves. If you haven’t been in awhile- come see me!

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Wed and Thurs 1-5pm
6400 Clore Lane, Crestwood, KY 40014
cash, checks and paypal

Kurriculum Korner is open this week—

Open this week- ! hope I am busy~ come see me for all your gently used curriculum, reading books for summer, practice math skills books, biographies of famous people- sower series, history, scientists, art ~ how to draw, what to draw and creative writing for when it is “too hot” outside and the kiddos want to stay in.
see you soon 1-5pm Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.
New things arriving weekly- only a small portion is listed online. If you don’t see it, please ask. Please remember, I am closed on Wednesday the 4th of July.

Here are a few of the new things…

Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2- not the newest edition, Teaching textbooks Algebra 1- not the newest edition;
MUS Primer, Gamma and Epsilon full sets, others just Teacher sets, also Fraction overlays and Decimal inserts;
Macauley City, Pyramid;
Mr Pipes;
Johnny Can Spell;
Rod and Staff- English, Math, Spelling;
Grammar Songs (cassette);
Simply Grammar, Serl’s;
Classical Conversations Foundations Guide;
IEW Writing Intensive – group A, Group A Continuation Course, Teaching Writing Structure and Style;
Story of the World on Cd vol 2 and 3;
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia;
CEC Books for English Lit, Latin, World Masterpieces;
Fallacy Detective;
Progeny Press Guides;
First Favorites Memoria PRess;
Five in a Row- vol 1,2,3 and Character study all in one Book!!!
Atelier Art 4,5;
Artistic Pursuits high school book 1;
More literature than I have room for.. science experiments for summer fun, math workbooks and quiz books for keeping up skills,

Great News from the Kurriculum Korner!

Open this week even with construction!  We are adding a room- if you have not been out recently, the shop is growing.  Kurriculum Korner has outgrown it’s space – so we are expanding. We have added a room to the shop! We painted over the weekend and laid carpet last evening. Bookshelves are being put together today and we are moving in ready or not (it needs the finishing touches but will do for now). I will be spending the next few weeks, moving and organizing things then we will have a sale and party mid July.
So much is new, it is hard to list it all, currently my hall way and living room are filled. Sat on the sofa last evening to watch the news and couldn’t change the channel with the remote- there was too much in the way!
I have, just to list a few cause I have to go get busy:
MFW- Exploration to 1850; lots of Rod and Staff both English and Math; BJU reading, math, English, Spelling, Handwriting and Science; Apologia Marine Bio, Physics, General Science (2nd ed); CEC books- British Lit, World Masterpieces, Magruders Government, Latin, Spanish Bible and cd’s and readers; tons of literature; Heart of Dakota- Drawn into the Heart of Reading, Bigger Hearts for His Glory; Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers; FIAR vol 1 and 3; Simply Grammar; First Language Lessons, Serl’s; ABeka Blend Practice cards, Clue word Cards, One vowel Word cards; Notgrass Economics and Exploring America and so much more….
Come see me, open on Wed and Thursdays 1-5pm

Boxes and Bags and Crates OH MY!

Convention was last week and some people cleaned off shelves before they went! I have a ton of new things~ come see me before you buy new. More and more will arrive every week, so if it is not here now it will be at some point.. Here is a short list:
Serl’s Primary and Intermediate Language Lessons;
A Charlotte Mason Companion, Cindy Rushton’s A Charlotte Mason Primer, Simply Grammar;
Ecce Romani I,II & III for Mrs Essa’s class at CEC;
PH World Masterpieces for Mrs Erickson’s class at CEC;
Saxon 54,76 and teaching cd’s for 76;
A large box of Christian Liberty Press- Pioneers and Patriots, Children of the Covered Wagon, History Stories for Children etc-;
Shurley English teacher guides;
The Children’s Homer;
Christian Liberty Press Preschool;
Totally Tut Math game;
Teacher eds and STUDENT workbooks for BJU English 2,3,4,5- WOW!!
Apologia Chemistry 2nd ed;
All 5 of the Christian Liberty Press NATURE READERS;
Classical Kids, Colonial Kids, Underground Railroad, Old Testament Days- all great IDEA books- making learning fun!;
DIVE for 76 4th ed;
Word Play Cafe-;
Green Thumbs- teaching children gardening;
Mary Ann Kohl- Mud Works- fun BOY book- lets get messy!:
a big pile of getting started in home schooling reference books

Come see me- save some money- map is on the website, along with hours and other information.
See you soon!

Open tomorrow-

Here are a few new things from this week: Rod and Staff math 5, Rod and Staff Recordkeeping, Shurley English 2,3,4,6, G Foster- World of Columbus &Sons and Caesar, Mary Ann Kohl Art books- Mudworks/ Cooking Art, required reading that go with the Starting Points curriculum by D Quine, Sir Cumference math books, A big bunch of Usborne, Thematic Units from the Teaching Company and Evan Moor’s and lots of things – so many I cannot list them all.. I am open tomorrow- Wednesday and Thursday from 1-5pm- take a nice scenic drive to just over the Oldham County line and see what you can save money on. See you soon~~

Prayer Request and News about re-opening the shop

Hello everyone!

First – Prayer request: I am having gallbladder surgery Monday the 30th. I had an “attack” a few days before New Yrs. I have since had a work up and a very strong recommendation to have it removed (not just 1-2 stones a “gravel pit”). So.. I am asking for prayer for my health, kids away at school that cannot be here piece of mind and comfort, physicians ability, etc. After my auto accident a few yrs ago, I really don’t want to spend ANY time at the hospital but also want to head off further problems..

Second- It is time to think about re- opening the shop. I have been very busy selling online since I closed in Nov. Last year was the shop’s biggest yr yet!!  Some of you have had some rather large checks over the last year and I appreciate your sharing your books with me and hope to continue our success in finding them new homes.

Regular Hours will resume Wednesday February 15th 1-5pm.

Third- Please visit my website- there is a map there, connection to my online list of things for sale, connections to recommendations for curriculum from me, connections to favorite blogs, advertisements for sales I come across etc..

Here are a few of the new things I have received since Christmas:

Mystery of History 1& 2;
Shurley English 1-4;
Teaching Textbooks 4- also have a copy or 2 of Algebra 1 but it has been revised;
Easy Grammar;
tons of Literature;
Apologia Chemistry 2nd ed- used at CEC – please do not wait til July- they will be gone and you will have to purchase new;
Apologia Land Animals- brand New;
MFW Exploration to 1850 – almost a complete set- all but the student pages and the Bible study book;
Studying God’s Word- Christian Liberty Press- several levels;
Fallacy Detective;
Veritas Press guide books;
a few Progeny Press guides, along with some Veritas and TLP;
Muzzy- French, German and Spanish all vhs;
BJU Phonics 1;

Math U See Alpha full set, Beta teacher set;
Comstock’s Handbook for Nature Study;

FIAR story discs;

Charlotte Mason Companion and A Charlotte Mason Education;
Pocketful of Pinecones;
some Singapore Math;
full sets of Saxon 1,2,3 including brand new workbooks;
Saxon Physics and Calculus;
Moody Science VHS’s;
Winston Grammar;
some DIVE cd’s;
How to be a Superstar Student- vhs- Teaching company. Have a few other selections of theirs also- Art, Calculus;
Family Math;
full but older sets of Abeka- Language, New World History, some workbooks- math, penmanship;
Bonnie Erickson’s English class at CEC textbook- Prentice Hall World masterpieces- don’t wait until July!;
Anatomy and Physiology coloring books used in Apologia;
Rod and Staff English pieces-3,5,6;
Movies as Literature;
BJU English teacher eds and Math teacher eds;

as you can see, way more than I can list- regular hours resume on the 15th of February to make sure that I have recovered..
Call me if you need something before that, I will be here!  It may take me a few days to respond- depending on recovery time.  Thank you for all your support and prayers!