The Build Your Bundle Sale is almost OVER

By now you have probably  heard about the “Build Your Bundle” sale. If you are curious and have not taken the time to look yet, here is a link to take you to the sale.

I am excited by this sale because there are a huge number of contributors at really great prices. I wish they had done this when I was buying curriculum. Back then, almost thirty years ago, there were not as many great options and what choices there were, very rarely were on sale.

The bottom line is that if you are interested, I want to make sure that you are aware of what is in the bundles and that you have the opportunity to purchase them and don’t miss the deadlines.

The sale is actually over on May 23rd (tomorrow- Monday) at 11:59pm so time is running out. I am told by the organizers that there are shopping carts with over six figures worth of inventory in them awaiting payment. That is a lot of choices and a lot of great items !

Please be careful and read the contents of the bundles, some of the things are ebooks and downloadable items, not physical books. There are pre made bundles including Charlotte Mason, Homeschool Helps, Homemaking, Early Childhood, Fine Arts, Elementary and Middle school, Character Building, Brothers and Sisters. Etc.  Or, you can make your own !

All have wonderful resources in them or you can bundle your own from the many choices and options. All the details and options are on the website, and the link was above.

There is even a bonus bundle worth over $250 that comes with every purchase…those details are here:

Free Bundle of Bonuses with ANY purchase at the Build Your Bundle Sale ~ over $250 in FREEBIES! Copy and paste the following link #homeschool #curriculum #BYB2016 (aff)

Check it out, see what all the options are..
Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

The Build Your Bundle Sale is Here!

The 3rd annual Build Your Bundle Sale is AMAZING!! — choose from one of 15 bundles pre selected for special interests such as a Charlotte Mason Bundle, a Brother and Sister Bundle, a Copywork Bundle, an Early Elementary Bundle or the Homeschool Helps Bundle for examples…The other option is to build your own bundle- how fun is that! Check it out- it is worth the look!
Just look at some of the great free stuff that comes with a purchase–Map Trek, Homeschooling with Dyslexia, A Child’s Geography, Math Mammoth, Handwriting practice and Prompts etc… Click through the picture below- it takes you to the sale–It is one week only MAY 16-23, DON’T MISS IT!