Consignor’s Policy

Kurriculum Korner Policies

It is your responsibility to read and understand these policies. Please ask questions before consigning.

Kurriculum Korner is Louisville’s only curriculum consignment shop.
We accept materials year round, by appointment, use the Scheduling app on the home page or on Kurriculum Korner’s Facebook page.

In order to best represent your materials, do a good job bookkeeping, maintain order and inventory, list things online at about 10 different sites including Amazon and ebay, process purchases and payouts efficiently and most importantly- maintain my sanity 🙂 ,there are a few changes that are happening beginning   August 1st, 2021:
How To Consign Your Items:
-We gladly accept clean, gently used, educational items of all sorts, sizes, and age ranges.
-Visit the Schedule An Appointment page to book your appointment.
-Bring in your items in boxes or bags that you do not need returned and fill out our information sheet with your info for each container being left with the store- it’s that easy!
-Depending on the season, it may take a day or a few weeks to get your items priced and placed on the sales floor.
-Electronic games and toys need to be brought in with batteries. Board games and puzzles need to be verified as being complete and include instructions. Toys and games dropped off missing necessary pieces will be donated.
-Clean is very important! To be accepted for consignment, please bring your items in “purchase ready” condition.
-I reserve the right to limit the total number of products you have on consignment
– There is a limit of 50 items per appointment and a limit to 2 appointments per month ….. I cannot take everything you used in your Homeschooling career, if you have had it for more than 5 years, there is a chance it is obsolete and will never sell.  I am limited on space and cannot stock things that may never pass through.
– I cannot “store ” your partial set until you find the other parts or make a visit to deliver the parts you forgot.  Sets (teaching textbooks discs, saxon teacher discs, etc) must be complete when consigned
– If an item is written in, colored in, missing pages when you bring it in, I have the right to determine whether it is sellable or if it is “free/blessing box” material.

****there is a new policy: ****

Because someone brought me a mouse and some nasty spiders recently and particularly because the shop is in my house, if the items look as though they have been stored in a barn, garage or anywhere else where they might be particularly susceptible to critters- they will be automatically rejected at the door.

I take pride in the item’s quality when I sell it both in the shop and online and want my reputation of having excellent quality materials to remain unscathed by dirt, leaves, hay, mouse droppings and even a mouse, spiders etc,

 – PLEASE bring your items in non returnable boxes or bags.  I do not have space to store large plastic tubs until you return to pick them up. I  do not always have empty boxes and time tor transferring all your items .
Pricing Policies:
-We generally attempt to price items between 50%-75% of current retail depending on the condition, demand, and availability.
-If consigning a particularly valuable item, please alert us so we can price it with that in mind.
Getting Your Payment:
-Consignors receive 50% of each item’s selling price
-Checks will no longer be sent automatically! Consignor checks can be printed  for consignors whose account balance has reached $30.00 by the last day of the previous month. A $3.00 check fee is charged to all consignors when checks are printed. Consignors are welcome to call the store  and ask if they have a check available for pick up or mailed.  I will ask you to verify your address.  I am not responsible if you moved and do not tell me.
-Consignors may also opt to have monies stay on their account to be available as store credit whenever they shop, thus avoiding check fees altogether. The option may be changed back to check payments at any time.
-Consignors may shop in the store using any accumulated store credit after the return period- see note below-  is passed on items sold.
RETURN Policy:  Items for return must be returned within 5 business days. For example, an item purchased on Wednesday the 10th cannot be returned after Thursday the 25th
-Due to the tremendous time and accounting involved there will be a $25 fee to be paid in advance by the consignor, to research and/or reissue lost, misplaced, or expired checks. Checks printed more than 6 months prior can not be reissued.  Cash your check right away!
-If you have  moved since you consigned, it is your responsibility to communicate a new address when you request a check.
Items Returned/Not Consigned:
-When dropping off items please plan on waiting briefly while we look through them. We will return any obviously unsellable items to you at that time. However, a more thorough and detailed evaluation will be done when your items are actually being entered on your account.  At that point any unsellable items- too written in, obsolete, missing pages or pieces- would be donated.
– The store does not keep a list of what is being  donated , only what was accepted for consignment. We are unable to describe individual items that are determined to be unsellable.
-It is up to you to bring the store things that are current and in great condition.
Consignment Period:
-Our consignment period is 18 months.
-As of 2016,  Consignors will no longer have the option of having your items returned to you at the end of the contract. All items at the end of the contractual time will be donated to either an ESL program, Dare to Care after school program in the city, or to a local or church library for those families that cannot purchase materials. If they do not sell within the 18 months, they are unique enough that they may not ever be sold.
Please do not drop off any items you are not prepared to leave the full 18 month term. We are unable to retrieve specific items once they have been dropped off for consignment.
A great deal of time is invested into each item you bring.  It uses my time to look over, look up, input information, print tags, tag, shelve, post, list online, photograph etc.  Please keep this in mind.

-Due to the high volume of sales/consignments we are unable to call and notify each consignor as items sell.

You are welcome to call the store and check your account balance or inventory at any time!
Finally, although we do our very best to carefully monitor all consigned merchandise, Kurriculum Korner will not be held responsible for lost or damaged consigned items. This policy may be updated or changed at the store’s discretion.