Click on image to schedule your consignment appointment.

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Click on image to schedule your consignment appointment.
Click on image to schedule your consignment appointment.

What to know before you set your appointment…

Due to COVID ,” At risk” family members and the shop being in my home – I do not have regular hours for the time being/foreseeable future .  please call 502-241-7264, or send an email: to talk about visiting, porch pick ups or shipping.

I am still here, just not being “OPEN” for drop ins.  We can schedule an appointment where we meet primarily on the porch.  I am happy to pull items for you to look through, no pressure to purchase.  One of the primary benefits of a shop is to look it over yourself and decide if it is right for your family.

thank you for understanding

You will be asked to choose a 20 minute (for consigning) or 60 minute (shopping )  appointment window during selected times and days I am planning to be open. Once your appointment is set, you will be expected to keep your appointment. You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment.  You will want to keep this email!  If you find you are unable to keep your appointment, you will find the link to the cancellation link within your original confirmation email.

Two missed appointments without prior cancellation via phone or email link will result in the inability to make appointments via the online scheduler and will require special permission via phone.

There is a limit to the number of items you may bring in at one time. No more than 50 items per appointment.  Choose items that you would make a trip for.

What will not be accepted for consignment:

  • nothing with writing in it (without prior approval from me)
  • no missing pages (again, without prior approval from me)
  • nothing heavily highlighted
  • nothing “out of date”, previous editions, etc. (without prior approval)
  • Please do not store your boxes/bags of books in the barn, shed, attic, garage.  They collect dust, dirt, spiders and even mice (which someone actually brought me ).  I may reject the box at the door if it looks bad.  The shop is in my home.

Keep in mind... your items are on the shelf with “like” items and I want you to get top dollar for your gently used homeschool curriculum.  In order for me to do that, it’s important that you ask yourself, “would I buy this book in this condition?” before bringing it to me.