Q & A

Q & A For Kurriculum Korner

Question:  What are the regular store hours?


Due to COVID ,” At risk” family members and the shop being in my home – I do not have regular hours for the time being/foreseeable future .  please call 502-241-7264, or send an email: kurriculumkorner@msn.com to talk about visiting, porch pick ups or shipping.

I am still here, just not being “OPEN” for drop ins.  We can schedule an appointment where we meet primarily on the porch.  I am happy to pull items for you to look through, no pressure to purchase.  One of the primary benefits of a shop is to look it over yourself and decide if it is right for your family.

thank you for understanding

Question:  Are the books in your online store all of the books you have in stock?

Answer:  No, I have thousands of books in my walk in store.  If you don’t see what you are looking for please contact me.

Question:  I see you have an Online Store, are these the same titles you carry in your walk-in store? 

Answer: The titles in the online store DO come in for consignment in our walk-in store, however-they are very fast movers and as a service to my customers, I have included them in my online store to make available for easy purchase.

Question: What is the benefit of coming into the walk-in store? 

Answer: The benefit is the thousands of books I have on the shelves that you can look at condition, touch, feel and handle before making a purchase decision.  Additionally, you are helping your fellow homeschoolers who have chosen to consign with us.  Often my in-store prices are better than my online store!  It’s worth a visit!

Question:  What forms of payment do you accept in the store? 

Answer:  I accept CASH, Check, Paypal and Credit.

Question: Do you have an inventory program for materials?

Answer:  Yes, I have an inventory program now. All of your items will be entered, and scanned as sold. I can tell you how many items are in stock, how many sold and what your account balance is. The inventory program can print you a check if you have more than $30 on your account. If you have a check printed, the program will automatically charge you $3 for the check, envelope, stamp etc. If you choose, you can use all the funds on your account as credit toward a purchase in the store.

Question:  How often are payout payments made ?

Answer: I no longer send checks automatically. Please call the shop (502-241-7264), or email: Kurriculumkorner@msn.com and ask to have your account checked. At that point, we can leave the funds in your account to grow, write a check if it is greater than $30 or use the funds as store credit thus avoiding fees

Have a question you don’t see answered here? Send me an email! kurriculumkorner@msn.com