What shall we do today? Field Trip Ideas

3B690F30-4B29-4A45-9336-16687409ACA6 C582B6FF-0EEA-48CD-B5F5-BF50BC4E7DA4 B438065A-1B78-406A-9BB9-63CD0DCD4017 50D0E202-8976-4C3A-B229-C7667D39E790“What shall we do today ? “ was a frequent question in our home when the children were young.  Taking advantage of all the cultural activities the area has to offer gives you “something to do”.  I was brain storming field trip ideas the other day and made a list and thought I would share it with you. Put them on your bucket list..I know people, myself included that have not been to all of them yet and I have lived here almost 30 years !

In no particular order

1. Frazier History Museum
2.Perryville Battlefield Re-enactment- it is in the fall
3.Fort Harrod
4. Boonesborough
5.Falls of the Ohio
6.Frankfort Capital – spring blooms are lovely on the Capital grounds
7. Squire Boone Caverns in Indiana
8. Toyota Plant
9. Louisville Slugger Museum
10. Muhammad Ali Center
11. Mammoth Cave
12. Natural Bridge
13. Newport Aquarium
14. the Ark Adventure
15. The moon bow at Cumberland Falls
16. Big Southfork Railway
17. Drive around town looking for Galapallooza horses
18. Churchill Downs
19. The Belle of Louisville
20. Ky Arts and Crafts Museum
21. Little Loom House
22. Locust Grove

23. Kentucky Horse Park

24. Rebecca Ruth Candy Tour

This is not a complete list by any means, just places and things to do that tourists love and that we as “locals” often miss about our state and city. Go outside and check them out. River City Field Trips group does an excellent job of planning and coordinating trips, look them up on facebook.

I have “Kids Love….” books in stock
The Kentucky Adventure which is a coffee table book full of beautiful photos of scenic Ky- I have these in stock, New Song uses them when they do the state history course. There are Bios about Daniel Boone and others from KY…Do you know if there are any Presidents from here? Who is Henry Clay?

Ky is known for Bourbon ( worldwide acclaim), horses, the Bats, Churchill Downs (worldwide fame) and goldenrods (Bless you )

Have a good time exploring our very scenic, rich in history state!

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

Answering the homeschool critics

IMG_2946How do you respond to friends, relatives, neighbors when they question you about your homeschool?

How do you answer the homeschool critics in your life?

Critics will question your choice to homeschool. After all, we have one of the best schools in town right here. They will question your ability to teach your child. “Do you have a teaching degree or are you smart enough?” They will question your child being out with you in the middle of the day. Homeschool children do not go to school for 6 hours so if you need groceries, they go with you. They will question your choice of curriculum. “Why are you not using …. it’s the best?” They will question all the little details of your day. They question your choices because your choices cause them to question their own choices and more importantly their own answers. Sometimes it is as simple as “friendly conversation”, sometimes it is way more than that.
So how are you going to answer the “nosey” cashier? How are you going to answer your neighbors bragging about winning the school science fair? How will your child answer “what grade are you in?”
Everyone will have a different answer. Talk with your family and come up with some answers so that you are prepared for that day- it will happen one of these days.

You are the Principal

You are the Principal and Lead Teacher, your husband is the Superintendent of Schools. You decide what time of the day you homeschool, what materials you will use, whether you have a designated school space. You even decide if you are going to do every single redundant grammar sentence or just some because you know the child knows the answers and does not need to beat it into the ground. It is something to think about ahead of time. Someone at some point, is going to question you about little or big things.  Be prepared.




Here are a few books to encourage you in your  homeschool journey

1. Things We Wish We’d Known 

2. But What About Socialization? Answering the Perpetual Home Schooling Question

3. the Homeschooling Father 

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The Build Your Bundle Sale is almost OVER

By now you have probably  heard about the “Build Your Bundle” sale. If you are curious and have not taken the time to look yet, here is a link to take you to the sale.


I am excited by this sale because there are a huge number of contributors at really great prices. I wish they had done this when I was buying curriculum. Back then, almost thirty years ago, there were not as many great options and what choices there were, very rarely were on sale.

The bottom line is that if you are interested, I want to make sure that you are aware of what is in the bundles and that you have the opportunity to purchase them and don’t miss the deadlines.

The sale is actually over on May 23rd (tomorrow- Monday) at 11:59pm so time is running out. I am told by the organizers that there are shopping carts with over six figures worth of inventory in them awaiting payment. That is a lot of choices and a lot of great items !

Please be careful and read the contents of the bundles, some of the things are ebooks and downloadable items, not physical books. There are pre made bundles including Charlotte Mason, Homeschool Helps, Homemaking, Early Childhood, Fine Arts, Elementary and Middle school, Character Building, Brothers and Sisters. Etc.  Or, you can make your own !

All have wonderful resources in them or you can bundle your own from the many choices and options. All the details and options are on the website, and the link was above.

There is even a bonus bundle worth over $250 that comes with every purchase…those details are here:

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Check it out, see what all the options are..
Karen at the Kurriculum Korner

Kurriculum Korner is having a Giant SALE

The Kurriculum Korner is planning a Giant SALE!!! . It is almost the end of the really busy season and the shelves are just overflowing. The shop has been very busy and more successful than ever. A great deal of material has been sold but more arrives every week.
Planning for the week of September 8th — 11 am – 7 pm every day Monday thru Friday. A different subject will be on sale every day. I am still working on the details but stay posted for more information. Mark your calendars, planners and cell phone to do lists to make sure you do not miss it!
Stay tuned!!


Starting November 14th until after the first of the year I will be open by appointment only.
Please pass this on to those that are not on the loops, facebook etc.
I have done VERY little business over the last two weeks so I would like to go to appts for now. I am NOT closing– this rumor gets started every year. I know that everyone is busy over the holidays and I can do clean up, finish painting windows and trim, sort through the full shelves etc. without keeping regular hours for the shop.
I will keep messaging when appts come up so that if you want to tag along you are welcome. I am not planning on being gone for extended periods of time so call, message or email if you need something and we can work out a time.

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Regular hours Wed & Thurs 1-5 By Appointment only from 11-14 until January 2014

Checks are in the Mail~~

Pay-out checks are in the mail. If you sold things this last quarter, I will be sending you a check. Remember, it comes from my online banking account and says ” Bill Payment Processing Center ” as the return address. If you throw it away, I will not know for 90 days. If you moved and did not give me your new address, it may not arrive. It is your job to tell me that you moved and send me your new address.

The pay-out amount was a very large amount this quarter- we were very busy this summer! Some of you got some pretty good size checks! Business is growing and I am out of room again. Please do not bring me any more—we are going into slow season for curriculum sales.

Remember, I close except by appointment starting November 1st until January. I am not “closing”, and I am not gone so if you need something, please call me. I will still be selling things online and answering “want to buy” ads on various websites. I will return your call- please leave your number or better yet, send me an email.

I do have some things that would be considered Christmas gift items and there is always literature! I will be posting those as we get a little closer..

I am still open the rest of October so come in and see the new expanded shop, and get whatever you still need to make this year the best yet!

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner