Checks are in the Mail~~

Pay-out checks are in the mail. If you sold things this last quarter, I will be sending you a check. Remember, it comes from my online banking account and says ” Bill Payment Processing Center ” as the return address. If you throw it away, I will not know for 90 days. If you moved and did not give me your new address, it may not arrive. It is your job to tell me that you moved and send me your new address.

The pay-out amount was a very large amount this quarter- we were very busy this summer! Some of you got some pretty good size checks! Business is growing and I am out of room again. Please do not bring me any more—we are going into slow season for curriculum sales.

Remember, I close except by appointment starting November 1st until January. I am not “closing”, and I am not gone so if you need something, please call me. I will still be selling things online and answering “want to buy” ads on various websites. I will return your call- please leave your number or better yet, send me an email.

I do have some things that would be considered Christmas gift items and there is always literature! I will be posting those as we get a little closer..

I am still open the rest of October so come in and see the new expanded shop, and get whatever you still need to make this year the best yet!

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner