News from the Kurriculum Korner

Have been working on payout checks for days!! There were over 130 checks for $6500.00
some were really large and some were small but lots of your books found new homes this summer!
Please do not throw the checks away! They come from my online banking account so they are not handwritten. They are the kind of checks that you have to fold and pull the tabs to open. Remind your husbands not to throw away any mail this week and next. There is a few days pause from when I send it through the bank to when it gets mailed and then there is the usual postal time.

Remember, I cannot give you a list of what has sold. By looking at the above numbers, you can guess why. I would have to hand write all the checks, envelopes and purchase stamps ( almost 50 cents a piece). If I mailed you a check and you throw it away, you moved without telling me, or the post office loses it, I cannot replace it until it is re added into my checking account after 90 days.

I will keep everyone posted about my winter hours on the loop and on facebook. I will close for regular hours in the next month (date not yet determined) but will be here for appointments if you need things or want to send a new homeschooler my way. I am not going out of town (not planned anyway) so let me know if you are still looking or want to change your curriculum..

Happy Fall Y’All,

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Regular hours Wed & Thurs 1-5
6400 Clore Lane, Crestwood, KY 40014
cash, checks and paypal