News about new items in the shop!

I have been very busy in the shop with lots of things being consigned and lots of things going out both locally and across the country…
Here are a few of the newest- I cannot make a complete list- it would be way too long:
1.Notgrass Economics- full set;
2. Notgrass Exploring America- full set;
3. Lightning Literature- British for high school- guide and all the readers!
4. American Govt for CEC;
5. Ecce Romani I and III for CEC;
6. BJU Math including student materials for 4th and 6th;
7. BJU Heritage Studies and Science for 6th including some student materials;
8. BJU Handwriting and Spelling for 4 including student materials;
9. Apologia Chemistry, 2nd ed, Physics 2nd ed and Marine Bio- all CEC needed books;
10. Voyages in English by Lepanto Press;
11. Movies as Literature set;
12. Prentice Hall Literature for CEC;
13. Atelier Art 4,5;
14. Studying God’s Word A and F;
15. Magic Tree House and Magic School Bus Science;
16. Cindy Wiggers- Geography thru Art, Trail Guides to US and World Geography, Eat your Way across the US, Ultimate Timeline and Geography Book, Uncle Josh’s outline cd-rom, Student notebook to World Geog cd-rom;
17. US History thru Art- Visual Manna
18. Young Peacemaker;
19. Streams of Civilization I and 2;
20. Tons of great literature, Biographies for summer reading;
21. lots of workbooks for math and grammar to keep up skills or to help catch up;
22. Rosetta Stone Latin American Spanish
23. Family Guide to Biblical Holidays
24. Memoria Press Famous Men of Greece, Middle Ages and a guide to The Iliad and Odyssey
Come see me, I have the air on, baby kittens (free) and lots more that I cannot list…

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner