News from the Kurriculum Korner!

New things are arriving every week and lots of things are leaving so if I post I have it, don’t wait a few weeks to come get it..
Here’s what is new:
Right Start C;
Notgrass Economics;
McRuffy math;
Singapore Math;
about 25 Magic tree House books;
Movies as Literature- teacher and student;
Rod and Staff English 2,3,6;
Field Guides for reference;
Beautiful Feet Guides- History of Science, History of the Horse, Geography, etc;
Kathryn Stout Comprehensive Composition, Guide to History Plus;
Short Lessons in US History;
Keys to American History;
Key to Geometry;
Power Basics- History of the World sets for I and II;
Kingfisher History Encyclopedia;
Apologia Physical Science, 2nd ed and Marine biology;
CLP Nature Readers;
Usborne Encyclopedia and World Geography, Intro to Asia, Ancients, Romans, Vikings etc- lots of them!;
Lego Mind storms book;
Black Ships before Troy;
Children’s Homer, Classical Myths to read aloud, Detectives in Togas;
CEC British Tradition Book and World Masterpieces;
Shurley English 1,2,3,4,6;
Rod and Staff Math 1,5,6,7,8;
Lots of fun summer science investigation books- easy experiments- make and do;
Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons;
Five in a Row readers, FIAR Volume 1 Guide, Summer Series guide;
CLP Preschool set;
MUS Algebra/Decimal Inserts and Fraction overlays;
Ultimate Geography and Timeline guide, Trail Guide to US, Trail Guide to World Notebook cd-rom;
Saxon 76 teacher lesson and test cd’s from Saxon;
and a bunch of other things- this list would be 10 pages long, minimum if I started to list everything..

Please do not purchase teacher materials before checking here, I can save you money!
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