Which Timeline Should I Use?

What About Timelines?

Which Timeline Should I Use?A question I often receive in the Kurriculum Korner store is, “What timeline is best for me?”   I really like Map Trek, a set of historical outline maps published by Knowledge Quest. Just as maps help our students understand the WHERE of history, timelines help us understand the WHEN and IN

WHAT ORDER of history. But here’s the problem with timelines…

Most homeschool parents decide that they will make one themselves. Certainly, it can’t be too hard (it’s not and there are instructions on how to do so at the link below!). But for those that would rather not hassle with making one, the next big decision sets in… which format should I choose – a wall timeline, a book timeline, timeline software or maybe even a mobile app?

Here’s some great news! I am sending you a link to an article by Terri Johnson that breaks down the process and makes the decision easy for you. If you have been putting off a timeline purchase because of indecision, read the article below. If you aren’t in the market for a timeline, just delete this email (or better yet, save it in a special place where you can find it again when you decide that you do need one after all.) 🙂

Which Timeline is Best for Me?
By Terri Johnson

The question I receive most frequently, I believe, is which timeline will best suit my students’ needs. Choosing a timeline is an important and subjective decision and a tough one at that, with so many great options to choose from. However, I do believe that every home educating family needs a timeline, particularly if you have students in 4th grade or higher.

Perhaps you are the crafty type. If so and if you would prefer to make your own timeline, I would love to show you how I made mine.

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