That Pesky High School Health credit

I often get asked  “What do I do for high school health?” . “We already covered showers, teeth, etc…what else do I need to cover?”
Here are a few things outside the “box” which is by no means an all inclusive list..
1. CPR and first aid certification from the local health dept
2. The whole family goes to the eye doctor. One of you gets the optimap where you can see the optic nerve and retina on the computer screen. My eye doctor charges extra for this versus the regular eye dilation but the results are amazing.
3. Have the student research carbohydrates and proteins. Then plan a meal high in protein, low carbs. Make the menu, choose the recipe, make the grocery list, go to the store – use coupons- and cook the meal
4. Track yourself walking or running a mile and over a “semester” improve your time
5. Drivers Ed class
6. Read articles on : fruit, heart health, hypothermia, tornado safety,
7. Word study on: strength, endurance, exercise, leisure
8. Read prevention magazine or other health based magazine articles on a particular topic and share findings- ie chicken pox vaccine- yay or nay or treadmill vs elliptical for knee problems or prevention of knee problems
9. Bible study- I Timothy 4:7-8, II Timothy 2:5
I hope this helps. There are other options to a textbook, be creative!