Marguerite Henry- American Author 1902-1997

Have you ever read a book that has impacted your life and you still remember it years later-almost detail for detail?  I have and it was a novel by Marguerite Henry called Misty of Chincoteague.  I grew up in NJ and although there are horses in the Garden State, I rarely got the opportunity to interact with them or ever ride them. When I read Misty, and some of her other novels, I was transported into a world different from my own.  Isn’t that what a good novel is supposed to do?

Marguerite Henry was an American author born in April 1902 in Milwaukee, WI .  As a child, she contracted Rhuematic Fever as was bedridden and house bound for several years during which she developed her love for reading and writing.  Over her lifetime she authored 59 books based on true stories, mostly about animals and horses in particular.  Her first story was sold at age 11, her last novel at age 94! She passed away in 1997 but her stories will engage children for years to come.   Misty of Chincoteague won the Newberry Medal and 2 of her other novels were runner up for that award.  Have you read any of them?   Check with the shop to see what is in stock or you can use the links below to take you to Amazon.

Happy  Birthday to Marguerite Henry!
Some of the most famous of her novels  are:
Brighty of the Grand Canyon

Misty of  Chincoteague

King of the Wind

Justin Morgan Had a Horse

There is also a guide from Beautiful Feet books  called “History of the Horse” that  uses her books.  We used it and my daughter loved it !  It covers different types of horses, anatomy of the horse, tack, care of horses and includes a drawing course .  If you have ever tried to draw a horse and had it way out of proportion, you are not alone- this drawing course can help.

Enjoy- I highly recommend any of Margeurite Henry’s novels

Happy Reading!


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