Helpful Tips for the SALE next week~~

Helpful Hints for making the most out of the sale next week
I made the hours 11 am – 7 pm Monday thru Friday to try to accommodate everyone’s schedules. If you can work it out with a friend to take turns with the children, dads can be home or you can find a teenager from the neighborhood to sit, you would be more relaxed and less distracted.. Children are always welcome. They are also always distracting, fidgety, whining to go – anywhere but here, etc.
1. If you bring the children, bring something for them to do, eat, drink (eating and drinking will take place outside) etc.
2. Use the bathroom before you come- I only have one accessible to the shop and it is also my families and in the house, not really a public bathroom.
3. Park on the stub road, not on the red bricks- George had someone towed last spring. Parking will be tight, carpool if you can.
4. If you have a blog- post for me please
5. There will be a daily giveaway and a door prize after the week for an Amazon gift card.
6. The shop will be 20% off with some exceptions which will be marked.
7. No Drop offs next week
8. Prior commitments where I have made you a pile or set things aside for you ie- life of Fred, teaching textbooks, Heart of Dakota, abeka 7th grade etc are excluded from the sale.
9. No items will be held without payment which we can do over the phone.
10. Bring your list—put it in your bag now so it is not on the desk while you are here.
11. If you find what you came for at a really good price, post a review, post on the loop and tell friends- word of mouth from someone other than me is the best advertising.
12. No haggling over prices..if you want to buy it for a few cents less somewhere else, that is your prerogative. Pricing is competitive and designed to benefit not me, but your fellow homeschoolers. Thank you for understanding. 
13. Have a good time and take home lots of goodies !!
See you there–
Karen at the Kurriculum Korner