Wednesday thoughts

I wasn’t very busy today so I had time to go through the bookstore shelves a bit. I am always excited when I find an old classic that I loved or a new classic that I haven’t read yet. As it is the middle of September and my goal for this summer was to read as many “juvenile fiction” books as I could, I thought I would choose a few more. Customers often ask me for a recommendation and to give a book a thumbs up, or not, I think I should have read the book. So far this summer I have already read eleven. There are at least two more to read before “fall” is official. Most of the choices were good stories. A few had some challenging vocabulary (a plus in my book) and most had excellent character development. I must say that I prefer historical fiction over general fiction. I have always had a soft spot for pioneers and queens. None of the books were excessively long- easier to read quite a few that way. Here is my list: A Sprig of Broom, Great Gatsby, Miracles on Maple Hill, Indian captive, the Cabin Faced West, Martin the Warrior, Thimble Summer, 100 Dresses, Homeless Bird, the Glass Castle and the Life of Pi. I think the last two will be: Ginger Pye and the Twenty One Balloons. Happy reading! I am actually looking forward to challenging myself to read even more over the next season- I don’t think it is possible to run out of good books to read!