News From the Kurriculum Korner

Have had a busy week with lots of drop offs!
Here are a few of the new things:

Draw Write Now # ‘s 2,3,5,6
Learning Palette – very interesting!, some math cards, some phonics cards;
Rod and Staff Arithmetic 1 black line masters- all in a binder, unused;
VTech Bugsby ( like a leap pad) and 7 books;
some Dive cd’s;
McRuffy math and McRuffy Color Math teacher guides;
Jacob’s Elementary Algebra textbook;
Cuisenaire Rods;
Math Relief Algebra Phase 1 by Firebaugh;
BJU Science and History text’s for 1st gr;
Pearables Home Ec 1&2;
Rush Hour Game;
J Fulbright Botany and Land Animals (no journals);
Beechicks the 3 R’s and You Can Teach your child Successfully ( gr 4-8 Mom help);
2009 edition of Well Trained Mind;
Memoria Press Literature Guides- Teacher manuals mostly;
Drawing With Children;
and a lot more!

Come see what’s here before buying will save you lots of money and help fellow home schoolers re coup some of their investment..

See you soon

Karen at the Kurriculum Korner
Regular hours Wed & Thurs 1-5
6400 Clore Lane, Crestwood, KY 40014
cash, checks and paypal

By APPOINTMENT ONLY Starting November 1st until after New Year’s

Only a few more “open ” days. Starting November 1st I go to by appointment. I have had this shop for 7 years (can you believe that?) and this is definitely slow season. I will still be here- send me an email or call if you need anything, we can pick a time.
Things surprisingly are still coming in. Teacher Created Thematic Units (one on chocolate- our personal fav) and a dozen more. “The Un-Halloween Book”. BJU , Abeka, Rod and Staff, Saxon, Usborne, Math U See, Apologia, TOPS science, Project Wild, Biology pre made slide sets.  I have a Sonlight Core 7 guide and books and an older edition of Core 200.  There are tangrams, lots of flashcards, lots of literature, combo dot cards, clue word cards, geo boards.  I have a leapster that would make a great gift, a Leap pad and books, and a telescope that works great- box needs cleaning. There are a couple dozen Joy Berry character training books, Singing With Children, Oak Meadow 2nd gr Syllabus, Christian Charm Course, Manners Made Easy, and a really fun one called “Eating the Plates” about Thanksgiving!

See you this week or call me- 502-241-7264

News from the Kurriculum Korner

Time to re focus on the book store…Lots of things happening both here and personally that have derailed me a little. So many new things have arrived- cannot possibly list them all, here are a few: D’Aulaires for Early American history; Zoo guide from Answers in Genesis; Rod and Staff English; Let Us Highly Resolve; More Mudpies to Magnets; A Thomas Jefferson Education; Plants Grown Up, Polished Cornerstones; The New Answers Book from AiG; Uncommon Courtesy for Kids; 1001 Ways to Explore Science and Nature; Usborne Book of the Seasons; Usborne Starting Points Science vol 1, Everyday Things and Science Activities; Math U See; Apologia Physics; Henle Latin, First Form Latin, English for the Thoughtful Child; It Couldn’t Just happen; Carpentry; SOTW vol 2 on cd; Five in a Row;  Biblical Holidays; Ecce Romani for CEC; Atelier Art for 4 & 5; Artistic Pursuits for High school; Cynthia Tobias book- the Way they Learn ( I highly recommend this to everyone just getting started to help you figure out learning styles- both yours and your children’s); Tapestry of Grace yr 1; Abeka grade 7 -current;

Tons more TOO~  OPEN Wednesday and Thursday 1-5pm.

Media Mail available,

If you called me last week- I was out of town on an emergency with my Mom.  I have retrieved all the messages and will call you tomorrow.

Don’t wait- things are moving in and out quickly this time of year.

See you soon

Heart of Dakota and a whole lot more at Kurriculum Korner

I have an almost full set of Bigger Hearts for His Glory and Hearts for Him Through time- Revival to Revolution. This is a great curriculum, written by a mom who could not find something that met all her needs! Come see me, it won’t stay here long.. Also have lots of new things- more arriving every day- Rod and Staff Math and English; BJU reading , Spelling, English, History etc; Math u See; Math Relief Algebra; CEC Books for English, Government, Latin, Science; Notgrass Exploring America; Notgrass Economics; Grammar Ace; The Oxford Companion to American Literature; Memoria pRess Famous Men books; D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths and a Memoria Press guide to go with it; Hooked on Phonics; MUS Fraction Overlays and Decimal Inserts; tons of Literature; Christian Liberty Press Nature Readers; Let’s Read and Find out about Science for early readers; Drawing With Children; Abeka Concept Cards for 3-4 Math and a ton more.. I am out of room- lots of things in the 50% off boxes (makes them 25% of retail) and a shelf full of 50 Cent books—
See you soon, Wed and Thurs 1-5pm

A few more New Things to entice you to visit!

Have a couple of other enticements!
1.)Teaching Company- How to be Super Star Student – vhs, excellent program!;
2.) G Foster- A Caesars World (also have Geo Washington’s World);
3.) Story of the World vol 2 audio cd’s
4.) Kingfisher History Encyclopedia
5.) Comstock- Handbook of Nature
6.) NOEO Physics II
7.) Prima Latina
8.) HWT Wooden Letter pieces, capital letter cards, stamp and see screen
9.) SOS subjects- not the whole level for 7,8,9
10) Harp and laurel Wreath

and way more than I can list. If you are buying teacher editions new, especially teacher editions, I can save you a lot of money and who doesn’t like/need to save money!!
Re opening tomorrow- Wednesday the 15th for regular hours on Wed and Thurs afternoons. If those hours do not work for you, please contact me and we can make other arrangements…
See you soon,

Re Opening Next Week

Reopening next week for regular hours on the 15th Wednesday… here are some of the new things that have recently come in:
1.) MUS full set of alpha
2.) teaching textbooks 4- complete set
3.) Mystery of History vol 1 & 2
4.) IEW Phonetic zoo A
5.) full sets of Saxon 1,2,3 including workbooks
6.) Apologia Chemisty 2nd ed
7.) Apologia land animals
8.) IEW Poetry Memorization
and way more than I can poosibly list.
Check out the website- it links you to over 500 items in my online store and to Amazon for recommended, frequently needed items.
Please do not buy new, until you check out the shelves here!! I have TONS of teacher editions that you can save money on…

Regular hours are Wed and Thursday’s 1-5pm..
See you soon,